Let’s give a new start

Your donations allow us to provide everything necessary for those who have sustained a spinal cord injury this allows them to resume a fulfilling life that offers maximum autonomy and freedom.

The Pursuit of an active and independent life despite paralysis

For people suffering spinal cord injuries; paralysis, loss of independence and all this entails creates very difficult conditions for people to accept. In addition to facing difficult physical challenges, many of them must also deal with other difficulties linked to their condition such as social exclusion, financial hardship, insecurity, etc.

The loss of autonomy requires many home adaptations as well as reliance on external services that can be very expensive. Little financial support is available to these people who very often find themselves unemployed as a result of their accident and who must rely on expensive services.

In Canada, people with disabilities have lower average total incomes as compared to the rest of Canadians, $ 27,057 vs. $ 35 860. To this add the many financial obligations tied to the disability and the disparity is even greater.



The Adapte-Toit Foundation wants to improve the lives of the spinal cord injured by focusing on four critical factors leading to their well-being :


An accessible and suitable home is paramount to an injured person and family.


Regaining autonomy is essential and is the result of various adjustments and support services which help overcome physical limitations.


Plays a major role in maintaining a healthy life balance.


With the necessary support, people can learn new skills; get involved socially, make a return to the labor market and engage in various activities.



Your donations allow us to offer various services that contribute significantly to the improvement of the lives of people involved in accidents that have resulted in spinal cord injuries by giving them the means to make a fresh start and live fully.


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