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We need your support throughout the year in order to offer our services to the many spinal cord injured.


In Quebec, it is estimated that more than 1900 new cases of non-traumatic spinal cord injuries (lesions usually caused by disease or cancer) were diagnosed each year from 2000 to 2005.


This is in addition to the 130 annually averaged new cases of traumatic injuries (injuries resulting from falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports activities, etc.). In 2014 and 2015, over 224 spinal cord injuries were diagnosed each year.


In 2014 and 2015, over 224 spinal cord injuries were diagnosed each year.

In addition many people are not accounted for in the study, since they do not include people with non-traumatic spinal cord injuries who do not reside in rehabilitation centers. Non-traumatic spinal cord injuries are most often caused by cancerous tumors; the number of cases is set to increase in the coming years due to the aging population and the growing number of cancer diagnoses.

In all cases, autonomy, self-esteem, developing a living environment adapted to the disability and social inclusion are important challenges for the spinal cord injured. Help us give them the means to pursue a fulfilling life in an environment adapted to their disability.


The Adapte-Toit Foundation plays a crucial role for people with reduced mobility by providing support on several levels :
  • Providing accessible furnishings and adapted housing (wider door frames, wheelchair accessible   showers, lowered kitchen counters, elevator or ramp access, etc.);
  • Providing additional access to home support services;
  • Having a real and direct impact on their adaptation and implementation process;
  • Contributing to significantly improve their quality of daily life and that of their family and entourage.


We count on your support to enable us to offer our services to a maximum of spinal cord injured people in Quebec. Give a donation to one of our campaigns or create your own collection team in order to collect money as a group!


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